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Tips for selling your car

  • Thoroughly clean your vehicle inside and out. A good wash, detailed vacuum and wax can make a big difference in how long it takes to sell your car, and how much it sells for. And don't forget to deodorize. This makes a big difference in how the buyer perceives your car, and what it says about how you took care of it while you owned it.
  • Take great pictures. This is essential. Shoppers skip over vehicle listings with no photos. This is your chance to show your car off to everyone on the internet. You don't need a fancy camera - your phone is plenty high quality. Make sure to get interior and exterior, all the way around, and take shots of any special features. Also show any flaws - this builds trust with buyers. Best time for lighting is early morning or late afternoon.
  • Write a listing: try to give as much info as possible with details about the engine, transmission, and any modifications, or special equipment or features on the vehicle.
  • Consider getting an inspection. This is one of the biggest hesitations you can overcome with buyers of used cars: let them know what they're getting. An independent inspection by a licensed technician answers this. It can also lead to a buyer offering a higher purchase price.
  • Have your documents ready. Every state has varying requirements to sell a car - check in with your local DMV.
  • Find a buyer! By posting your car to MotorCloud, you're getting it in front of thousands of dealers who are looking to buy cars every day.