About Us

We were frustrated car shoppers just like you.



To empower buyers and sellers with the best vehicle search and comparison experience on the planet.


We envision a platform where everyone finds the exact car they want. Where there is a fast and delightful way to access truly every vehicle on the market, compare prices and make empowered decisions, all in one place. Where every seller gets their relevant vehicles in front of serious buyers. Where buying and selling cars is a delight.


MotorCloud, one of the largest pools of vehicles, was built by an ex-Apple engineer who was frustrated with the car buying experience. There was no way to search all available vehicles in one search engine and have an efficient way to compare cars. He talked to his friend, who happened to be the founder of an automotive software shop, and they built MotorCloud. Powered by Dealerslink, whose vehicle valuation and location software are an automotive industry standard, MotorCloud has more vehicles than any site on the internet. In 2019 we opened the gates to anyone who wants to buy and or sell a vehicle online.