A powerful app with a dead-simple way to manage your reconditioning process
Know where every car is in recon, and get them to the front line faster.
Control the chaos, identify bottlenecks, and speed up your reconditioning time.
Every member of your recon team can scan the car when they start work, check it out when it's done, and it shows you where each car is.

Here's a sample of what you'll find in the app

Find out the truth about what's going on in your recon department. Assumptions about which steps take the longest are often shown to be wrong once you have real info. The quickest, easiest way to put order to the chaos. Try this method of tracking progress... we'll teach you in training. Learn how to get clarity - know exactly where your cars are - in the recon process and where they're physically located... inside the app.
What makes your team more likely to use this app over other recon management apps or methods... inside the app. Why this app is more effective than the over-complicated, over-priced apps with more features... inside the app. What exactly do you need to be tracking in your recon process? It depends. Discover what info is important and what is just noise... when we train your team.
How this app reduces time spent looking for your cars... inside the app. The first 3 things power users do when they check in a car... we'll teach you in training. What the auctions don't want you to know about time to front line... inside the app.
Are you missing hold ups and problems in your recon department? Find out how to uncover those issues and make sure your cars are hitting the front line as fast as possible without any major changes to your daily routine... we'll teach you in training. If you're tracking time to front line, find out exactly when you should be starting the clock. It will save your dealership untold money... we'll teach you in training. To manage something as complicated as your reconditioning department, you need a complex, expensive app, right? Wrong. Find out why tools with less functionality, actually get used to great effect... inside the app.
Learn how to get more efficiency by letting your team focus on their jobs, not updating you... we'll teach you in training. A method that will help your techs know exactly which cars they need to work on next... we'll teach you in training. How you can know exactly how your recon techs work is going, without stopping or bothering them... inside the app.

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