1991 AM General 4DR Humvee

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AM General 4DR Humvee Details

Black Rhino
26,629 Miles

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About This 1991 AM General 4DR Humvee

It's hard to believe that you can upgrade a military Hummer for added ruggedness, but this 1991 AM General M998 HMMWV HUMVEE really impresses in its useful upgrades. So dig into the details on the ultimate version of the ultimate 4x4.

It's kinda hard not to get excited about an ex-military Hummer. After all, you know this vehicle has proven its worth. But it's also nice to find one that has been upgraded after the service to its country was over. This starts with the new paint. It's the kind you usually see lining a truck bed, and it's done over the whole exterior to give this Humvee added resilience and a cool ready-for-anything texture. The LED headlights allow you to explore more, even at night. And the upgraded Fuel wheels not only have a cool-looking black finish, but also they allow you to have a wider array of modern tires mounted on this one. More than just upgraded, this Hummer also has all the original pieces that make it such a stout machine, including the full steel brush guard. And you've probably noticed desirable features you don't always find, like the tall air snorkel and full hard doors with windows.

We love that the roof remains a camouflage color to remind you of this one's military roots. You can still take it off and all the doors to give you the full open-air experience whenever you want. In fact, this one continues the Humvee's proper tradition of stout components that can be open to the world, but just like the exterior, you'll also spot the right upgrades. Everyone gets a high-back bucket seat with three-point seatbelt. There is a full LED multi-function light control and a keyed ignition for added convenience. Plus, that extra wide lined cargo bed makes it easy to take everything you want with you.

Tilt the hood forward to get an excellent view of the 6.2-liter diesel engine. This is a hardy General Motors powerhouse, and it has even been given a solid investment in a recent service. It includes a new water pump, batteries, radiator hoses, transmission mount, solenoid pump, all belts, and all oil and fluids changed. It makes this rugged Hummer a strong runner. And that's exactly what you want in a go-anywhere 4x4. The big torque of the diesel lets you climb mountains, and the tall snorkel let you get deep into the streams. Plus, with a three-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and four-wheel power disc brakes, it's easier than you may think to enjoy one of the toughest pieces of military hardware available.

This is the Humvee with the extras that take it beyond military-grade. It makes for an awesome package you need to get your hands on right now. This vehicle was manufactured for the military and issued a non-standard VIN.

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